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Frequently Asked Questions About Enrollment

Is Your Child Developmentally Ready for School?

The materials and environment at Mighty Oaks Montessori were designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6.  Each child is unique, and some are developmentally ready to begin their first school experience at around 3years old, while others will be more successful if they wait until they are a little older. The following list provides a few examples of required behaviors or attributes which may indicate that a child is developmentally ready to begin our program:

  • The child is able to communicate his needs to the teacher and to other children appropriately.
  • The child is able to sit during a gathering and listen to stories or engage in activities.
  • The child will allow teachers to show her how to correctly use the materials on a shelf.
  • The child is able to complete a ‘work cycle’: take a material out, complete the task, and put the material away when finished.
  • The child is able to follow simple directions.
  • The child is able to dress and change shoes independently (when set up for success). 
  • The child is willing and able to independently participate in the toileting routine. All children must be potty-trained before they begin at Mighty Oaks Montessori. 

When considering the admission of a new child, we not only consider the readiness of the individual child, but also the needs of the whole classroom. Children who are not yet developmentally ready for our school may take an inordinate amount of the teacher’s time, to the detriment of the classroom as a whole. In addition, that child may not have the opportunity to experience success, because they are not ready to do what is being asked of them.  We want every child to be happy and successful in the classroom, which means that he or she needs to be developmentally ready for the experience.

How Much is Tuition?

Our tuition schedule is calculated on an annual basis, and can be disbursed over 10 or 12 equal monthly payments for your convenience. This payment remains the same regardless of the number of instructional days in that calendar month. Tuition for the current school year is listed below.

  • Primary Half-Day Program 8:30am to 12:00pm M-F : $5,450
Do you only offer a 5-day per week program?
Yes. We believe that children thrive on routine and consistency. Only regular, daily attendance can provide both the continuity that sets them up for their greatest chance for success and the ability to fully absorb the culture of our peaceful classrooms. 5 day students also make academic gains far more quickly than kids who do not attend every day– as time goes on, this can compound and become noticeable to all parties, bearing potential ramifications on self-esteem. In short, they simply wouldn’t get the full experience that we are offering without daily attendance.